Day 24: User Testing and Dry Run

Remember that Wayfinding project I helped out with in the Freer a few weeks ago? Today Nina and I helped Dani out again, this time with user testing for the audio guide on the app Dani’s creating. This involved going into our only open exhibition, Turquoise Mountain, and asking visitors if they’d be willing to listen to the introduction of the audio guide and answering questions.


The questions were fairly simple, such as: have you ever taken an audio tour of a museum before, how much did you like the introduction, how confident do you feel in choosing a mode (either explorer or storyteller), and was there anything missing or confusing?

Next, although the interns are technically on hold for the dry run of our stories since we can’t get access to the Freer, Nina, Jacob, and I went ahead and filmed the exhibit “Monkeys Grasp for the Moon”. So our first story went live!


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