Days 20 and 21: A Bit of Everything

Wednesday and Thursday I bounced around between projects. Wednesday I did some more editing on the Snapchat/IG storyboards that Chris had commented on, tweaking them so they can hopefully be added to a master calendar of the stories. Next, I moved on to a project I’d worked on over the weekend- creating social media posts that combine an image of art from Open F|S with a favorite book quote. This was a fun project that combined two of my favorite things: art and books! I got a little carried away, delving deep into the archives of Open F|S while having about ten tabs open with quotes from favorite books. I was pretty successful finding art and quotes that matched so I added them to the Social Media Request form in the hopes that they’ll be posted. These are two of my favorites with quotes I chose from Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice.



Thursday, I finally wrapped up the newsletter and sent it to publications for review. They should have it back in about a week and then I can send it out to all the staff. I also started a master list of tips and tricks for future interns that will manage social media channels. My goal is that it will be passed along and added to by new interns and all our social media information is stored in one document.


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