Day 14: Wayfinding

Today I got to head into the Freer Gallery, which is still until construction. Nina and I went with Dani, another contractor, who is in charge of creating the audio guide that visitors can listen to as they go through the gallery. It’s a work in progress, but there are several “tours” the audio takes you on- one on the highlights, several on different themes, etc.

Dani had us as backup for the Apocalypse tour that explores the theme of destruction in the art. The actual way finding process is more intense that I originally thought- sensors detect where visitors are, which then plays cues about where to go. The thing Dani wanted my help on was writing cues and where to place them, as well as anticipating different types of visitors: such as those that get lost, wander into a different gallery, or stop for a break. These are all things we had to anticipate so that the sensors and the audio can effectively direct guests.





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